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Renova BR’s experience in Brazil demonstrates that political renovation is a journey. It is collectively built, it is heavily context-dependent, and it takes time. Results are not achieved overnight, but the unlocked potential of having a generation inspired, encouraged, and supported to run for office and to take the lead in changing politics, making it more ethical, effective, and impactful, is undeniable.

VélezReyes+ is a Latin American philanthropic platform that aims to strengthen collaboration in the region, to create a future of equal access to opportunities for all. We believe we won’t achieve this transformation, if government, public, and political leaders are not also working towards this goal.

VélezReyes+ and Renova BR have partnered to take the potential untapped in Brazil beyond national boundaries. While we don’t believe there is one universal formula to transform politics, we are confident in the power of globally informed and locally rooted solutions. We believe open-sourcing knowledge and leveraging lessons learned are key to inspire and empower civic entrepreneurs in different countries to craft their own journeys. This playbook systematizes Renova’s experience and sheds light on learnings in each step of its way, to becoming one of the main political leadership incubators in the world. We hope Renova’s story can be amplified to spurr many other journeys, and that these crossed paths can together build our way to a more democratic future all across Latin America.

Dive into our journeys and discover there is a way

1. Journey of

The first step seeks to share RenovaBR’s story and model.

2. Journey of

Here, we will guide you when starting a PLI in another country.

3. Journey of

This journey shows how an organization can build its product and services.

4. Journey of

This path guides you when running your business and shares our management practices.

What is a political leadership incubator (PLI)?

Today, we face a common global problem: a declining collective trust in politicians. Corruption scandals, economic crises and environmental collapses are only a few of the many challenges we are met with when looking at nations across the globe.

These structural, collective issues take even bigger efforts to solve them than their repercussions, which includes electing people that can and are willing to change these realities. We are then met with further complications regarding the individual level of these leaders, as there is frequently a great lack of qualification within this proactive group. That is the gap political leadership incubators (PLIs) are trying to bridge.

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