Journey of Knowledge

The first step seeks to share RenovaBR’s story and model.

What is Renova?

We are a school of democracy, and we prepare common people to be outstanding politicians. We select and qualify Brazilians from the most diverse origins, beliefs and positions to make good politics.

What is our vision and mission?

We understand that we can transform politics into an attractive ethical space, so new generations will be motivated to engage and be a part of the change as well.

Why do we do what we do?

Economic downturn, corruption scandals, and environmental collapses are only a few of the challenges producing a crisis of democratic representativeness In Brazil.

What does RenovaBR do?

Inspire & inform

people to engage to transform politics

Identify & select

ethical people who are committed with political transformation

Train & qualify

people to lead political transformation

Connect & welcome

leaders engaged in political transformation

We respect knowledge, we are based on data and evidence, we act independently, we are transparent about our actions and our major mission is to defend democracy. Values that we look for in our students and expect to be held by our candidates.

Who does what?

Team structure

Roles and responsibilities



Strategic and operational leadership

Example of tasks

Decision-taking, strategic planning, validation and evaluation of the institution’s goals

Institutional Relations


International and national fundraising, relationship with partners and stakeholders

Example of tasks

Creation of international network, events, relationship with donors



Content creation and development of audiovisual presence

Example of tasks

Social media management, branding, relationship with the press



Financial and people management

Example of tasks

Budget management, team recruitment, supervision of the student experience



Selection and qualification of the students

Example of tasks

Student monitoring, course planning, data administration

Community and Events


Management of RenovaBR community’s engagement and relationship, RenovaBR events

Example of tasks

Event planning and execution, continuing education, collection of community results

The role of an Advisory board

Our advisory board is formed by a diverse collective of well-known people with different backgrounds, both individual and professional. Their extensive expertise in business management bolsters our institutional and judiciary prosperity, bringing an outside perspective to the institution.

We understand that creating a solid advisory board with multiple reputable names is essential when building a political leadership incubator. It gives the institution reputation, visibility, and protection, affirming the organization’s commitment and strength. Furthermore, whenever we need particular advising concerning either the educational or the financial aspect of the institution, we form specific committees.

Institutional policies

1. Charter

The organization’s charter is the document that formalizes our existence as a legal entity. This document establishes the constitutive norms, discipline, internal and external relationships, in addition to stipulating rules of procedure for the company.

2. Code of Conduct

The code of conduct helps us understand the responsibilities we share and alerts us to relevant legal and ethical issues that may arise. It is a key document that guides our daily work.

3. Representativeness, Diversity, Inclusion and Human Rights Policy of RenovaBR

It aims to provide transparency to RenovaBR’s positions and directions, aiming at an environment free of discrimination and prejudice. This fosters and values respect, empathy and equal opportunities, especially for individuals in positions of social vulnerability.

4. RenovaBR's Policy for Relations with Third Parties

The Third Party Relationship Policy aims to establish criteria and guidelines to be adopted by RenovaBR and its employees in relation to the processes of hiring, selection, payment, supervision and management of contracts related to any and all suppliers or service providers.

5. RenovaBR's Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Policy

This anti-corruption and anti-bribery policy aims to maintain the highest standards of integrity, ethics, and governance in the conduct of our activities and to ratify our commitment to curb any form of corruption, fraud, bribery, money laundering, or any conduct that may be considered improper or inconsistent with the standards set forth in our Code of Conduct.

What is our business model?

There is a range of business models you may choose from regarding non-profit firms. The main ones we highlight here are relying solely on donations, offering paid courses to support your activities and projects and even creating an endowment.

Additionally, if your income and overall financial sustainability will be given through donations, it is fundamental to define which type of source it will have, be it individuals, legal entities, products or grants. When RenovaBR was created in 2017, the electoral legislation allowed candidates to receive donations only from private individuals. In order to guarantee stability and security, our governance decided to only follow the legislation.

In order to decide which business model fits your political leadership incubator best, several factors should be considered, such as local legislation, national context, and budget level. Here are some examples to consider and key questions to ask yourself when choosing your model.

Business model possibilities

Donation by private individuals


Organizations that have their revenue 100% from donations from individuals.


Do I have a network of qualified contacts with potential donations? Will you rely mostly on big donations or crowdfunding?

Donation by legal entity


Organizations that have their revenue 100% from donations from legal entities.


Is there any legal or image risk in the local context that could link the organization’s image with a donor company?

Sale of services


Organizations that have their revenue from sales of services/products.


Do I expect an operation that will be able to meet the budget through sales alone?

In any chosen path, you must create governance to support the decision and mitigate all risks. Alignment of expectations, especially with donors, is crucial. Therefore, produce a model contract with explanatory clauses that you can use in all donations without misalignment between both parties. The chosen model can be a fusion between the three or even two options, as long as it makes sense in the organization’s context.

Our Vision

A strengthened democracy, where people see politics as a representative, reliable, promising space. A political transformation that will make future generations motivated and prepared to be part of this political space.


A key performance indicator (KPI) is a measurable value that evaluates a company's performance when attempting to achieve an important business goal. There is a range of KPIs to guide your strategic planning when starting your political leadership incubator.
  • Number of graduated students
  • Number of former students who became candidates
  • Number of elected people
  • Mandate economies of elected students

You can learn more about our achievements by reviewing our Annual Reports.

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